The Local Organizing Committee (LOC), the ISME Office together with the Executive Board of the association are responsible for the leadership in organizing the Symposium.

The LOC is, among other things, responsible for securing additional financing. The Executive Board of the Association (President, Treasurer, Vice President and Past-President) represents the Association.

The Chair of the LOC represents the entire LOC and reports every month to the Executive Board. The LOC is supported and advised by the ISME Office staff, who are formally members of the LOC.

The Symposium program is arranged by the Local Committee in accordance to the program rules and recommendations adopted by the Board and Office. The chair LOC will automatically become a member of the next LOC to pass on the knowledge and experience.

Members of the LOC are allowed to be also members of the Board of Directors and vice versa.

To find out more on the current LOC, please visit our Symposium page.