Regional Meetings Fund
This fund (100,000 EURO) is used to support regional events dedicated to Microbial Ecology. The events must be organized by ISME Ambassadors in the region and held in the year when there is no ISME Symposium. These funds are only available for events organized in regions outside the USA, Canada, and Western Europe. The Board will allocate funding to each region for ISME branded events (i.e., ISME-Latin America, ISME-Africa, ISME-Southeast Asia, ISME-Eastern Europe, and ISME-Middle East). 

Applications of the ISME Regional Meetings should be submitted on the form to the ISME Office. The applications should be submitted by a representative consortium of regional Ambassadors. The Chair of the consortium should be the Ambassador from the country hosting the regional events. To broaden the reach of the Society, we encourage regional Ambassadors to discuss and agree on the location/timing of these regional meetings. We anticipate that these regional meetings would be biennially, in different countries, of a given region. Applications for regional events must be consistent with the values of the Society and demonstrate inclusivity. The event program should demonstrate geographical and gender balance, and include good representation from Early Career Researches. The proposals, which should include a detailed budget on the ISME Regional Meetings Fund application form, will be evaluated and approved by the ISME Board. The ISME Board expects the consortium to solicit additional sponsorship to help cover the costs of the meeting. ISME will typically contribute up to 30.000 EURO towards the event and as major sponsor, would expect the consortium to promote the Society and the ISME Symposium before and during the meeting. The ISME Office, Ambassadors Program Director and Advisory Board members will provide logistic support and guidance, but the consortium will be the primary organizers of the event. The Chair of the consortium must provide a detailed meeting report, which will be published on the ISME website within two months after the event.